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Gay male speech, particularly within north american english, has been the focus of numerous modern stereotypes, as well as sociolinguistic studies. Scientific research has uncovered phonetically significant features produced by many gay men and demonstrated that listeners accurately guess speakers sexual orientation at rates greater than chance. One feature of the speech is sometimes known as the gay lisp, though researchers acknowledge that it is not technically a lisp. One of the ways gay people tend to compensate, the film suggests, is to adopt the supercilious speech patterns of the leisure class, i. So basically, i feel gay male speech is cultural, just like dialect (think southern drawl), accents (e. A british person) or other cultural speech like african-american vernacular. Bottom line interesting topic and hopefully we can all respect other speech patterns and vernaculars within communities. Traditionally it was believed that ones way of speaking is a result of ones identity, but the postmodernist approach reversed this theory to suggest that the way we talk is a part of identity formation, specifically suggesting that gender identity is variable and not fixed. In the early 20th century sexuality-related theories about language were common (for example, freud and his theories of psychoanalysis), using a quite different basis from that used by modern studies on this topic. Who studies language and speech at the university of minnesota, found in one study that gay men did use a slightly different pronunciation than straight men. These hip speech patterns are used by women in, i would say 90 of the conversations im involved with or hearing out in public. One of the most irritating forms of up talk or vocal fry is when a woman is explaining her day and each sentence is drawn out at the end with an upward inflection, then the next sentence is hooked on at the end with the same down to up trajectory and drawing out. While it is unlikely that gay sounding men developed their speech patterns by mimicking other gay sounding boys in childhood (because they were probably rare), they might have adopted the speech patterns of other girls. The acoustic cues of gay sounding speech are also those more prevalent in female speech (rogers & smyth, 2001). Various stereotypes of gay male speech include an interdental lisp, where the sound that most people make as sibilant (s) comes out as a different sort of sound entirely (th). This is an actual speech pattern that some people exhibit, whether theyre gay or not.   gay men with gay voice may have picked up these speech patterns, more commonly associated with women, by picking up cues and giving more weight to female speakers than male speakers while. We learn speech patterns as part of our social identity, and the letter s, in particular, is charged with social meaning, munson says you get a lot of mileage out of having a very.

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