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Star trek fans are confused how gay klingons court one another. Do they both read poetry or both clobber one another? By anthony gramuglia may 06, 2020. For example female black widow spiders notoriously devour their mates after copulation. Except as indicated below, none of the star trek films or television series have had any characters officially identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (), nor have there been stories that directly address lgbt themes. This has prompted star trek fans to debate the sexual orientation of certain characters, and whether particular storylines were.   gay star trek ? Blood and fire web series for the planned but never-produced tv series. Star trek phase ii (formerly known as star trek new voyages) is a f. Star trek star wilson cruz has slapped back at homophobic fans who are upset about the shows gay storyline. In a first for star trek, new tv series star trek discovery features two gay. Star trek deep space nine documentary confirms fan favorite character was gay star trek discovery season 3 trailer released new star trek picard teaser released. Yet still, star trek has not a single gay character on any of its shows. Now, the fans are tired of waiting, and some of them are taking matters into their own hands. Its the final days of the dominion war and a mysterious race, called the grey, have attacked several federation ships in the mccallister c-5 nebula, using devastating psionic attacks and leaving few crewmembers alive. Star trek s original series did not have any explicitly lgbt characters, although in 2005 george takei, who portrayed helmsman lt. In october 2011, zachary quinto, who plays spock in the rebooted feature film franchise, publicly came out as gay. He explained that, after the suicide of bisexual teenager jamey rodemeyer, he realized that living a gay life without.   but hawk ended up as a star trek default character who, as rick berman himself stated, is not supposed to be gay. Hawk was established as gay in the novel section 31 rogue though. It is uncertain whether there is some truth in the original rumor that lt. Hawk may have been supposed to be gay at some point in pre-production. Star trek discovery may loose online subscribers at an alarming rate if the producers continue alienating its fan base by promoting open homosexuality. We ask the producers to open their eyes and realize that the hollywood culture is not representative of the world and that not everyone is comfortable seeing this behavior promoted on television. - information on the different star trek alien races - some pictures related to the fanclub - self written star trek stories about the u. Integrity - links to other star trek related sites on the net.

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